I am Alex, a tech all-round enthusiast based in Milwaukee. As a child back in early 80’s, I was mechanically inclined that I wanted to do something related to computers. Then, I developed passion for repairing, modifying and exploring electronics that need fixing; a habit that I still engage in till today, and I have brought for you to benefit from.

As a result of pursuing my childhood dreams, I became a degree holder in both computer science and business management, separately. I took a step further by getting certified in CompTIA A+, while I am presently preparing to earn another degree in Business Information Systems Management. These are the needful steps I took and I am still taking in order to step away from being an ordinary local tech guy that has talents but not certifications.

Having supportive parents is one of the propellants that spurred me to my present height. In the process of growth, they supported my desire to work with computers and electronics; in which I grew to become an IT professional for more than ten years and still counting, due to my passion for technology. I later realized this has become a gene transferred to my own offspring who have interest because they have technology all around them; though, I am yet to see the kind of spark I grew up with.

In the process of becoming the best I could be, I was a Network Administrator at Ratas Wholesale Liquor for 4 years and 10 months. Moved ahead to be a Temp for Granite Microsystems at Argus Technical Services for 7 months, later went to Granite Microsystems to be a Hardware Tech/Cell Member for another 6 months. I graduated from being a Service Desk Tech at ManpowerGroup to Senior Tech after a year, and spent 2 years and 5 months, before becoming a Desktop Analyst for another 2 years in the same company.

My urge for capacity building moved me up the ladder at ManpowerGroup to become the Team Lead Desktop Support in July 2012 before become a Technical Analyst in April 2013, as my final position. Then, I moved on to become a Desktop Support Lead/Tier 3 Support for 9 months at Rexnord VIA Brooksource, and left in March 2014, to give a bit concentration to my growing local tech company, Vargas Technical Consulting, LLC, till December, 2015.

Having spent 2 years building more capacity as a Consultant, the desire to help others get better became stronger so, I assumed the position of IT Support Manager at Advanced Pain Management, LLC from March 2014 to August 2017. I finally moved to Kamatsu Mining Corp. to become their IT Desktop Support Supervisor from August 2017 to November 2017, to face my consulting company at the entrance of a new year.

As much as I love to watch tech shows on TechTV before it stopped operation and making my one stream daily tech news to come from c|net, I still feel that most journalists are better said to be good user of words and not really tech enthusiasts but do not have detailed experience in technology. Though, there are few on c|net that I could tell we share the same passion; it is in this light that I have decided to write from my own perspective, not as a prolific writer but as an enthusiast that needs to represent properly, the interest of technology.

From what I have heard, Milwaukee is growing but I do not think that is specific to population. I believe the demographics are changing; hence, may be a topic on my blog very soon. To this end, I have decided to write from my viewpoint, which may be unique due to my own path in the industry because, I believe what is known about Information Technology (IT) in the Milwaukee area is different from what the public knows or understands.

You are welcome to read from my blog, watch my YouTube videos and expect me to create podcasts in addition to my outstanding delivery of technical services for your home and business needs, which are listed here. Welcome to the beginning of a new thing, I hope to have you come around regularly to share in my experience.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Please, do favorite, bookmark and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Cheers!

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